PARCC Testing

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 2:22pm

Our students will be taking part in the PARCC assessment.  This testing is a measurement used to ensure the implementation of Common Core Standards.  The night before the PARCC assessment please encourage your student to get good night’s sleep.  Sleep is a key factor in student success.  Additionally, offering your student a healthy breakfast will give them the energy needed to take the PARCC assessment.  As always, students will always be offered a complimentary breakfast here at OMMS.  By providing the students with a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast, you will be doing your part in preparing your student to work at full capacity.  Finally, we request that your student leave their SmartWatch at home!

ELA PARCC Schedule:

Friday, April 27th                            - 7th grade PM

                                                       - 8th grade PM

Monday, April 30th                         - 6th grade AM


Math PARCC Schedule:

Monday, April 30th                         - 7th grade PM

Tuesday, May 1st                           - 8th grade AM

                                                       - 6th grade PM

Wednesday, May 2nd                     - 7th grade PM

                                                       - 8th grade PM

Thursday, May 3rd                         - 6th grade AM

                                                       - 7th grade PM

Friday, May 4th                              - 8th grade AM

                                                       - 6th grade PM