School Improvement Plan




School Improvement Plan At A Glance



OMMS School: Vision and Mission

School Targets and Strategies

Vision:  Every student and staff member at OMMS is engaged, inspired to learn, and empowered to excel.

Mission:  OMMS is a learning community that is committed to empowering staff and students.  All staff are successful and all children achieve academic excellence in a supportive environment.

PARCC ELA Strategies:

 (1)The teacher supports student vocabulary development in context - reading, teaching individual words, teaching word learning strategies, and fostering word consciousness. (2)The teacher teaches student persistence in reading both preferred and non-preferred text as well as both informational and fiction texts.    

Overall Goal: 35.6% getting 4/5 on PARCC

FARMs:  20.4% getting 4/5 on PARCC


PARCC Math Strategies:  

The teacher provides students with time and opportunities to use representations appropriately to solve problems and make connections among representations. 

The teacher selects and sequences student approaches and solution strategies purposefully for whole-class analysis and discussion. The teacher engages students in purposeful sharing of mathematical ideas, reasoning, and approaches, using varied representations.

Overall Goal:  32.6% getting 4/5 on PARCC

FARMS:  17% getting 4/5 on PARCC


School Culture Strategies:

OMMS Staff will participate in the HCPSS Restorative Justice Cohort and fully implement year one of school based restorative justice implementation.    This includes:  collaboratively revising the existing levels of consequences to re - create and implement just response structures,  creating an on call restorative justice schedule to further support classroom community building and instruction,  and providing ongoing professional development and data analysis around school culture.

Overall ODR Disposition Rate Reduced To: 43.9%

ODR Disposition Rate for Focus Student Group to: 61.9% 





HCPSS Strategic Call to Action

Learning and Leading with Equity

The Fierce Urgency of Now


Vision: Every student and staff member embraces diversity and possesses the skills, knowledge and confidence to positively influence the larger community.


Mission: HCPSS ensures academic success and socioemotional well-being for each student in an inclusive and nurturing environment that closes opportunity gaps.

HCPSS Desired Outcomes


Value- Every HCPSS stakeholder feels happy and rewarded in their roles and takes pride in cultivating the learning community.


Achieve- An individual focus supports every person in reaching milestones for success.


Connect- Students and staff thrive in a safe, nurturing and inclusive culture that embraces diversity.


Empower- Schools, families and the community are mutually invested in student achievement and well-being.